Bert & Ernie

Bert and Ernie are two very cute and friendly dogs who are looking for a loving home. They were abandoned by their owner and have been looking for a new place to call home. They are best of buds who share a special bond and they need to find a special home that will take them together. Bert is a 12 year old dachshund smoothie who continues to defy his age. He loves to be pet, sniff around the yard, and lay underneath a blanket on the couch or in a lap. He does take a daily pill to help with minor back pain, but you’d never know by watching him run around! Ernie is a 6 year old dachshund/terrier mix who wants nothing but love and attention whenever he can get it. Like Bert, he also likes to be pet and enjoys sitting on a lap, but really enjoys playing with his best bud Bert!  Both are housebroken and crate trained and are perfectly fine entertaining themselves during the day, either outside or in a play area. They hardly ever bark (except to be pet!) and they are extremely friendly with people and most smaller dogs.  Their ideal home would be one that could give them the love, attention, and patience that they deserve.

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These two sweethearts need a FOSTER HOME!