Bonita is a cute young white Poodle/Lhasa Apso mix. She is as soft as a rabbit,  as playful as a pup and friendly like the president, happy to meet n’ greet everyone!

She is compact (under 10 lbs) and although her pictures seem like she has a “stare” she is a total doll in person.  She’s got lots of energy yet isn’t “annoyingly hyper” and responsive to people around her.  She was at our adoption event which can be chaotic for rescue dogs and acted as if she’s been in a traveling circus her whole life.  Fit right in with Rocket Dog Rescue 😉

Bonita is new so we don’t know a ton about her other than she’s the happiest little girl who can’t wait to go into a foster home or forever home.  She is currently hanging out with a few dogs until she finds her place.

I know there is someone just waiting to spoil this babe.  Email to meet Bonita.