Bonnie was recued on saturday the third, the afternoon her owner in San Pablo decided he wasn’t up to the commitment of a dog after all. To our great relief upon meeting her, she is a VERY nice family dog, without any of the usual baggage of living a segregated life with a plastic crate and little socialization. A beautiful even temperament, eager to please, enthusiastic about life in general but not hyper.

She was untrained, but with a good dose of regimentation she’s falling into line beautifully. She’s a border collie/lab mix, but very labby in her bearing and attitude.
An active couple or family would be ideal. Shes great off leash and on, her recall is good/excellent. Yesterday at the water park she learned how to swim and then stayed in the water nearly an hour. She does great with the other dogs. She hadn’t barked even once, and is responsive to correction. 14 months old, spayed and up to date on shots.

She’s staying with us in Corte Madera, if you’d like to meet her please call 415.516.8939/640.8463 or email!