CJ has gone through a rough time as his family had to give him up when they moved out of their home. He has not lost his sense of affection however, nor the hope that he will find his forever home with that special someone who will love him back. He has so much love to give – he’ll place his head on your knee and look at you with his warm brown eyes saying “I love you…pet me please”

At 22 lbs – he is the perfect sized dog for someone with an active lifestyle – big enough to go for a run, and compact enough for your car and apartment. He is also absolutely content to hang out and chill with you too, just happy to sit at your feet if you are bound to relaxing at home. Sometimes, he will gaze out of the window, looking at the cars passing by, and the birds hanging on the power lines.

He is quite the gentleman with a quiet, appreciative and mannerly demeanor. He is housetrained and a very easy dog to care for.  He is 6 years old and is a Jack Russell Terrier.  He loves car rides – he will put his head out of the window and watch the world go by, living in the moment, with ears flapping in the wind.

He would prefer to be close to you at night, but does well sleeping quietly in his own room as well.


If you would like to meet this dog, please email adopt@rocketdogrescue.org!