Meet COCONUT AND CLEMENTINE! My family has been fostering the 12 week old sister for two weeks now. Here is what we have to report about the happy little rascals. They are DARLING, and although would probably eventually acclimate to being adopted separately, they are in love with each other, and make an impressive squeaky racket when separated. They love to run at top speed, chew on each others faces, legs, and what not, and to gives million of kisses to our many visitors. We have been doing our best to socialize them so that they will be great family pets. Our 8 year old and her friends have done much gentle handling of them. We have taken them to school where they have been around many different kinds of people. Because they have not yet had all their shots,  they are not ready to be walked at dog parks or the sidewalk, but we have taken them around the ‘hood in a baby sling so they can see the sites. They even got to  meet horses this last weekend.


They play happily with our two small dogs, and need good teething toys to rip to shreds. They are mostly used to eliminating on newspaper, but are not yet house trained. We just started getting them used to walking on leashes which indeed baffles them thus far.

Coconut could use work to keep the barking in control as she is vocal–tho’ not too crazy. Clem is quite the explorer and is good at escaping her enclosure.


They are already wonderful and joyful pets. They DO NOT have to be adopted together, but they would really love to stay together 😉 Can you give these loves a home?
Please email adopt@rocketdogrescue.org to meet them!

(coconut is the white, clementine is tan.)