Meet Frannie… she’s a sweet old lady pitte girl who is only 30lbs (she’s super tiny!) who has a heart of gold & loves her people more than anything else in the world. Frannie has a sad, different story. This poor girl had a home, the same home for 11 years, unlike many rescue dogs, but sadly her home was full of bouncing around, and owners who were on drugs, unstable & never really able to properly care for Frannie & let her have litter after litter of puppies, having her last litter at 11 years old!! No more babies for this lady. Even after all she has been through, she has the best spirit.. after all this and this luckily girl ending up in rescue, now she just wants a happy ending.. She promises to be the best girl ever & will just hang out in your lap watching movies with you and giving you lots of kisses to express her love!! Frannie does not have all her vision, but within 10 minutes of walking through a house, she knows her way around!

If you can find a spot in your home for this precious gal, please email or TEXT Pali at 415-756-8188