Meet Haley! She is a beautiful 6 month old Jindo who weighs about 30lbs now! This is a wonderful spitz type dog, much like the shibu inu and akita’s. They are independent dogs, and have free spirits, much like Ms Haley. This gal is stunning, loving and active. She is strong willed & very smart. Haley does well with other dogs, and was found roaming Martinez with her mom and sister. We don’t know how amazing dogs like these ever found there way into a shelter- but we are happy they are safe. She is truly one special girl and she’s going to make someone very happy. She will need a home who will continue her training with her, and give her lots of socialization around dogs, and people. She is currently fostered with other dogs & doing well . She will require a good amount of exercise to keep her happy as well!

Jindo’s are not the right dogs for a first time dog owner – They are not for everyone, but they say once you have you- you can never get another type of dog again :)

Read about the breed here: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/jindo.htm

If you would like to meet Haley, or for more info on her please emailadopt@rocketdogrescue.org!