Meet Melton! He is an adorably CUTE puppy that is available for adoption! He is a big puppy for his age, he is 8 weeks. He looks kind of like a beautiful chihuahua but we believe he is a basenji mix that will be about 30 pounds when he gets older… although that is purely an estimate! He’s got a cute underbite (purely lip, not teeth) and he is very playful but also has his mellow times. Rocket Dog Rescue rescued him from a shelter just a few days ago and this is my first day fostering him but so far he’s great! He does well with other dogs (I have 2 in addition to him) and I’m not sure how he’d do with cats but that can be assessed. I would suggest he not go into a family with toddlers just because he can be a very playful puppy and likes to nip with your ears or hands, and those baby teeth are kinda sharp 😉 if you’d like to adopt him please e-mail me! The adoption process is as follows: you fill out an adoption application and e-mail it to me. I then review them and possibly may do a home check. I do honor applications in the order that I get them! The adoption donation is $240 which covers the neutering, microchip, and vaccinations. He is too young to get those but if you adopt Melton then we will make an appointment to have all of those done within a couple of days. Thank you!

Please e-mail me at or with MELTON in the subject line.