Milo 2

This handsome guy is Milo, a 4yo. Pit mix who’s the real deal; a super sweet, smart and devoted doggy-dog raised with four kids in a loving home. When the family’s situation changed unexpectedly, he was given away with better intentions than scrutiny, and wound up living for three months at Occupy Berkeley- an unwitting, apolitical member of the 99%. He was rescued when his ‘owner’ was stabbed and hospitalized. Emotionally, he was the same loving and trusting dog he’d always been, but had a slight limp that turned out to be a healing hip fracture (car? shopping cart?). His foster mom followed all of the vet’s recommendations and after six weeks, his limp was completely gone and he’s no worse for the wear. In fact, Milo is an energetic walker (but doesn’t pull), a tireless and enthusiastic player and a power napper. If you picture yourself at the dog park with a latte in one hand and a cell phone in the other, keep looking – this is not the dog for you. He needs his exercise and the interaction of play, and most ‘fetch’ games dissolve into ‘Keep-away’. He’s been socialized with dogs these past months, can be a little shy at first, but plays well with others – of all sizes. He feels most comfortable when he knows you’re monitoring.

Milo is a truly a dream dog: a devoted companion or loving family dog with a terrific personality and enthusiasm that’s just fun to be around. He’s a big smooch, likes people of all ages, charms everyone he meets, and is a shameless flirt.  He’s had no formal training but will sit, stay, come, drop it, leave it, down, and heal.  He will sleep in his own bed or gladly snuggle in (hog) yours. He is very smart and aims to please, so you don’t need special dog experience. With plenty of exercise and attention along with your expectations of good behavior, firm direction and follow thru you’ll be rewarded with the best dog ever, and he’ll have the loving home he deserves.

Please email to meet Milo!