Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, Terrier


Adult (18 months – 7 years)




Toy (0 – 10 lbs)
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Meet Murphy the Gent! He’s my respectful, middleaged, and quiet foster dog. He rarely barks, but when he does it’s with a Big Dog Voice. (not that there’s anything wrong with little dog voices. Ahem.) Murphy’s pretty awesome. If you’ve got a lap and some kind words, he’ll be your pal for life. He’s probably around 7.

Murphy is getting tired of all the foster homes and is looking to commit. He’s long-legged and nimble. Sometimes he skitters sideways. His DNA tests are inconclusive, but possibly mountain goat and crab mix? Or else Boston Terrier and chihuahua, it’s hard to say.

Murphy loves other dogs and kids, and has a healthy respect for kitties (as it should be). He’s not afraid to tear a plushie up, he loves to play. He’s waggy, mellow and a great companion. He’ll give you kisses or not, depending on how you feel about all that. Likes treats, broccoli, paper towels, and walks. He also has the markings of a Holstein, and, as we know, cows are awesome, so that all makes Murphy even more perfect. He will also always be classic and able to match all your outfits. As if that’s not all enough, he may be the best spooner in the west.