Chihuahua, Dachshund, Labrador, Terrier


Adult (18 months – 7 years)




Toy (0 – 20 lbs)
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Pickles is likely a lab-chi-terrier-dachshund mix, 3-5 year old, neutered male dog in good health with all shots who weighs between 16-18 pounds. His short, neat coat is golden. He is short-legged and long-bodied has stand-up ears, a ready-to-wag tail with a slight curve, and big brown eyes in an intelligent, expressive, foxy face. He is really cute.

Pickles is an extremely affectionate & loving little dog with the people he loves. We believe that he is a recovering victim of abuse, so he is afraid of strangers, so all introductions must be done very carefully and patiently. He loves to cuddle, kiss and play. He is a smart little dog who learns quickly. It takes a few days for Pickles to fall in love with people, but thereafter he is super-sweet. Pickles really needs a special gentle kind affectionate person or people to love and take care of him. Because of his fear issues, he should be in an adult only household. Pickles has a medium energy level, and only needs moderate exercise. He walks very well on leash. Pickles loves to play with his toys and especially play ball. Pickles gets along very well with other dogs & likes dogs both inside and out of his pack. He prefers to sleep with his person, but can sleep elsewhere, including a crate. He is a natural watch dog, but only barks for a good reason. With some gentle love, care & training, Pickles will make a fine house or apartment dog.

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