This is Slick! He was rescued from San Francisco’s ACC on his last day, and has been grateful ever since. Slick has high energy and will do really well with a somewhat active family, with older kids (or no kids), but no children under 10, because he will knock them over in his excitement. Slick is a good dog who’s been hanging out with Felix the dog trainer in Sacramento. Playful and interactive. Does not bark at strangers.

We think Slick will do wonderfully in a family who has had dogs before, and who will lovingly enforce rules and boundaries. Slick really is playful and sweet- and he’d love to be someone’s running buddy, or go to someone who spends time outside- whether in the backyard playing fetch, or hiking all across California. If you’ve had dogs before, and would like to foster or adopt Slick and show him just how wonderful life can be, contact Janet at