Senior (7+ years)




Medium (25 – 60 lbs)
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Snuffy has been the loyal and devoted  family member to an amazing man (& dear friend of us all) who had dedicated his life to helping others .. sadly snuffys gaurdian passed away after very long serious illness leaving his beloved snuffy with us.. Rocket Dog Rescue is searching for a PERFECT home for snuffy. He’s a chill boy who would love to spend his day just hanging out in the sun.

Snuffy is about 12 years old..he likes other dogs, treats, Greatful Dead, snuggles and walks and..uhm..oh yea..treats! Snuffy is smart, active, adorable.  He is never offended by things others say because he just can’t hear that well 😉 he takes it all in stride, snuffy is mellow and full of love. He is also happily cat friendly.