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Meet Stewie! This darling boy came to us from the SF city shelter. Poor Stewie came in after being taken away from his owners who were being very mean to poor Stewie. Well, while RDR was visiting with another dog at the shelter, we saw poor Stewie curled up shaking in a little ball. He was so nervous, confused and scared. He was scheduled for euthanasia the next day- but after a few minutes with this DARLING, we knew we must save him. . .

He is now is foster care and doing well. He is still shy, but is showing so much improvement already. He does become more confident and playful around other dogs, so we do think he would benefit from being with another dog. He has already taken to his foster brother and wants to play. He will need some time to warm up and get used to new things, but since he’s still young- that will be easy.  He is a gentle, and loving soul.

He’s a small guy at 9 months old, he is only around 38 lbs. He won’t be a big boy. . .

To find out more about Stewie, or to meet him- email us at!