Uzi Duzi Du

Uzi-Duzi-Du made it to Rocket Dog from the San Jose shelter. He’s a small Yorkie/Terrier-ish mix weighing 6lb and is approximately 10 months old.  When he first came in, he was emaciated and scared but in a few short weeks he’s developed a healthy appetite and a very playful spirit. He’s a quick learner and is now housebroken and crate trained. 

Uzi loves playing with other dogs, both large and small and has the energy to run for miles. He hasn’t met any cats yet but he has a way of befriending any animal/person/child he’s met so far! 

Car rides are no problem and he’s likely to curl up in your lap for a quick nap. He walks nicely on leash and likes to stay close to you. While at home, he doesn’t bark unless a stranger is at the door and then, it’s only a few barks until we arrive at the door. He doesn’t mind being bathed in the kitchen sink which is very convenient and brushing him is no problem either. 

Uzi loves his chew toys, collects them and hides them for later use. He doesn’t quite have the hang of fetch yet, but he’ll run and pick up whatever you’ve thrown. One thing he knows and has mastered is how to snuggle! He loves to kiss and be with the ones he loves. He’s been great in a house with 2 adults but can be placed in a home with respectful kids because he doesn’t mind being picked up and handled a little awkwardly by kids and has a history of not biting anyone. Whatever home he is welcomed into, this funny loving guy is sure to give you one more reason to smile everyday.

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