Zane Grey

Look who just rolled into town:  ZANE GREY!  He had to leave his posse behind in the wild west of San Jose where he was picked up as a stray……unfortunately, the shelter did not have room to keep him and he was slated for euthanasia. The cliffhanger was when Rocket Dog rescue came and saved the day by rescuing him before the end of the show….. 
Zane is about two years old, we believe he’s a purebred Havanesse, and is in dire need of a haircut!  Under that mop of hair is a sweet dog who likes other dogs and loves people!  HE currently weighs about 17 lbs and does not mind his crate, although he rather be out and about, exploring uncharted territory….
If you would like to meet Zane, please submit a completed adoption application/questionairre (found on our website and email it to