Meet our new member of the Rocket Dog family: Beetle Bailey!  This 2-3 yr old male (we think border collie -pitbull mix) is a nice compact energetic 40 lbs … think: hiking and running partner!
* Update: Several dog-knowledgeable people have corrected me about his breed: they all think BB is a McNab mix. After reading about this breed, it’s a definite possibility! 
BB’s owner was not able to provide care for him anymore due to recent life changes (unfortunately we are seeing more displaced pups these days as a result of the pandemic). BB has had some basic training but could use some refreshers. He seems to get along with other dogs, but has not been tested with cats. (We think he would be too energetic for most cats and other small animals). We are working on crate-training. 
Due to SIP,  we have not seen BB interact with children (no kids in his foster home!) 

** Update:  BB has encountered children (mostly 4 yrs and up) during his neighborhood walks and is excited to meet them! He is not aggressive but rather enthusiastic (jumpy) so he might unintentionally knock down a wee one. 

If you want to invite this fun and playful guy into your life, please submit an adoption application online: