Why Rescue?

The best answer we can give to Why Rescue? is simple: You’ll save a dog’s life. There are so many healthy, lovable dogs scheduled for euthanasia in shelters right now that it just doesn’t make sense to pay a breeder for an animal. Rescue dogs are intelligent, emotional beings who deserve a chance at a long, happy life, and the rewards you get from rescuing are far greater than buying a dog. Just look at this happy ending to see what we mean.

  1. Maceo emaciatedMaceo. This poor guy came to us weighing only 45 lbs and covered in scars and filth. He had an ear infection, needed eye surgery, and neutering. After evaluation, the vet thought he was probably used as a ‘bait’ dog. Bait dogs are practice dogs that dog fighters use. They keep them weak and chained up, so their prize fighters don’t get hurt, basically a punching bag.
  2. Maceo healthy & happy!After Rocket Dog rescued Maceo and gave him some big hearty meals and lots of love, Maceo shot up to his regular weight of 96 lbs! He’s a big mush and loves every person he meets. He gets so happy at times his whole body wiggles! His foster parents called it ‘the big pants dance’. Understandably, Maceo isn’t good around most other dogs (who can blame him when all he knows is they attack!). He needed a special home that would respect this and give him a chance to see what life is supposed to be like.
  3. Maceo in the snowMaceo’s foster parents moved to the east coast and felt they had to see him through to finding his forever home… so they brought him along and found him an incredible home in Virginia. Now called ‘Macey’, his parents Troy and Retta absolutely adore him. Macey fit right in and the three of them are having a blast. Macey has even made friends (through the fence!) with the doggies next door. Macey touched a lot of hearts on his journey and he now has a happy, loving, safe home to enjoy his life.

More Reasons To Rescue

  • Training

    Most rescue dogs have already been taught basic obedience and are working on being housebroken. Will you still have to committ time to training? Of course, just like you would with any dog. But you will be one step ahead if you decide to rescue.

  • Veterinary Care

    Most Rocket Dogs have already been spayed or neutered before you’ll ever meet them, making adopting a better choice if you have a limited budget. We also make sure our dogs are current on their shots and tested for heartworm. It’s always possible that health problems may arrise after adoption, but we try our best to prepare our dogs for an easy, healthy transition into their adoptive home.

  • Temperament & Behavior Testing

    Rocket Dog performs temperament and behavior testing at the shelter to make sure our rescue dogs are adoptable. Unfortunately, we can’t save every dog, so we focus on saving the dogs who wll transition well into foster care and ultimately their forever home. There’s a big misconception that all rescue dogs are problem dogs, but it’s just not true. So many of the dogs that we’ve rescued and adopted out have been ideal companion animals; they all just need a little time to feel safe, secure, and loved before they come out of their shell.

  • Bonding

    Most rescue dogs have had a rough start. Because of this, they truly blossom into loving, confident companions in the right environment. When treated kindly, rescue dogs will form a lifelong bond with you and be forever grateful for their new happy life.

  • What You See is What You Get

    Because most rescue dogs have reached adulthood, you won’t get any size, weight, or color suprises when you rescue. This is great for people who live in an apartment or who have a specific lifestyle that calls for a specific size of dog.

  • That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

    It’s worth mentioning twice. The personal rewards you’ll get from deciding to rescue are large. Knowing that you helped save just one of the many wonderful dogs who would have otherwise been euthanized gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that you want to share with others. And we certainly encourage you to do so! Help spread the word about the many advantages of rescuing a companion animal.
    Rocket Dog Rescue asks you to please consider rescuing a dog instead of buying. There are thousands of dogs sitting in shelters in your area right now, and the sad truth is that most will be euthanized. What a waste to allow dogs to be brought into the world only to see their lives cut short after enduring an often abusive existence. Help Rocket Dog Rescue change this by rescuing from us or from one of the many wonderful rescue groups where you live.