Adopt Baby! She’ll be a great addition to your family.

The Basics
Baby is a 1-2 year old female American pit bull terrier mix with floppy ears and a smooth, soft, grayish-brown coat (ears and snout suggest maybe beagle or hound). She’s full-grown at a lean 59 pounds, loves people and other dogs, and is one of the most gentle, easy-going dogs I’ve ever met.

Baby is housebroken and is learning to like her crate. She knows her own name, sit, no, and is learning stay and down. We’re using a harness when we take her out, and she’s very easy to control. She only barks when she gets too wound up during play, when we first get home and she’s taken off guard, or when we leave. In each of these situations, the barking never lasts more than a few seconds.

A Quick Study
In only a few days, Baby has picked up on some of our dog’s behaviors. Not only has she adjusted her wrestling to fit our dog’s style, but our dog taught her how to play tug. Baby even copies the way our dog approaches us for leg stretches and cuddling. It’s been amazing to watch.

Baby loves everyone: overzealous toddlers, friendly dogs, angry dogs, the homeless, skateboarders, and even pot-bellied pigs (a neighbor has one, and Baby was curious but not aggressive or afraid). She grew up on the streets of Sacramento and is now living in San Francisco’s Mission District. She’s been exposed to most environments, so she’s well adjusted and is always relaxed.

Great With Other Dogs
We have a 3.5-year-old Jindo. Both dogs are female, but they still get along like they’ve known each other their whole lives. Where our dog is sometimes suspicious of other dogs, Baby wants to meet every other dog she sees.

A People Puppy
Baby loves other dogs, but she loves people more. She’ll try to stand and say hello to everyone she meets! She follows us around wherever we go at home, and wants nothing more than to cuddle up with us at all times.

A young pup, Baby has lots of energy and loves to play. Her favorite toys are those that will spring around when she chews on them (balls or small, squeaky toys), bones and other chewys, and small toys that she can throw around and chase on her own. That said, if you’re watching tv or working, she’s happy to stop roughhousing and take a nap. Baby doesn’t fully understand how to play fetch, but she loves what she’s learned. She’d also be a great companion for someone who wants to take her running.

Food Motivated
Wow does Baby love her some food. It doesn’t matter what, really — she’ll eat just about anything! And after she’s done, she’ll want more.

Issues Needing Work
Baby is a great dog. That said, she’s lived her life out on the streets and it shows. Though housebroken, Baby is still learning how to tell us that she needs to go out, so accidents occasionally happen. When we take her out, Baby is always looking for some delicious (to her) street food to gobble up. Finally, Baby doesn’t know all of her commands yet, so she’d benefit from continued obedience training.

Baby is coming to us from the Sacramento shelter where she was found by a good samaritan, who fostered her for a time in a home with two dogs (a husky and a chi mix). Due to a landlord issue, the foster family could not keep her, so Baby was returned to the shelter. While back in the shelter, a homeless man then came for Baby saying that she was his dog. Sadly, he could not afford the fees to redeem her. Still, he said he had to make sure she wasn’t put to sleep, so he continued to check on Baby until Rocket Dog Rescue stepped in and provided foster homes. Now she needs you to make her part of your family!

Video from the Sacramento Shelter

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