Meet Colton! This boy is self entertained. You can throw the ball or he will toss it
to himself….endlessly. He is close to bringing it back, but usually
turns at the last minute. He is very energetic and we have been
working on 4 on the floor. He is very voice responsive and will try
anything for a treat. He would be a great family dog. He can play with
anyone and loves to be outside. He also LOVES water, would splash
around in the kiddie pool like there was steak at the bottom of it.

He is 6 months old, and weights about 45lbs. We think he’s a lab/ and border collie mix. He is a bit stocky so he may also have something else in there. Colton is a total doll, and just a ball of energy. He is going to make a great addition to a family!

Please email to meet him!