Gilbert is a lovely 12 lb, one year old terrier mix who originally came to us from a rural shelter….He is up to date on his vaccines, neutered, and microchipped.  He was adopted but his new owner changed jobs and now has to travel most of the time.  She is reluctantly asking us to find a new home for GIlbert becasue she feels “he deserves to have so much more”.
This is what she says about him:
He is a love bug, and will cuddle up every chance he gets. He loves playing his version of fetch with his toy porcupine, which means he runs to get it and then runs past you with it! He enjoys being outside, but doesn’t like meeting other dogs on the street. He prefers an off leash setting with other dogs, and will be protective of his person while walking. Some of his favorite things are his toy porcupine, chicken for a treat, snuggling on the couch, and playing with his friend Abu, a Havanese. He likes people too, and is friendly to everyone, as long as he doesn’t feel like they are harmful. He has been known to bark at dark figures at night. 

Gilbert would love a home with someone who can give him just as much love as he gives. We don’t know how he would do well with cats.
If you would like to meet GIlbert, please complete and submit an adoption questionnaire (found online and email it to or