Meet Jasmine! She is an adorable Pitty/Beagle mix puppy. We don’t know what else she may be mixed with. She’s truly a mystery mutt- but an adorable one at that! She offers a great loving personality along with the fun & excitement of a puppy. At the same time, she’s very well mannered and super smart. She’s learned so many commands already in 1 week – come, recall, sit, stay, down, fetch, no, leave it. Isn’t that amazing for a 6/7 month old pup? She’s create trained and house trained too. She loves her chew toys and the fetch ball. She has not destroyed anything at her foster home (never chews on anything other than her chew toys). Most of her day is spent playing with her house companion, an English Shepherd mix. She just loves to play with other dogs. In addition to dogs, she gets along very well with kids and other adults. She is so full of puppy expressions and loves to give kiss to everyone she meets. Continued puppy training is recommended to help her graduate into a fine lady. She’s approximately 40lbs.

Please email adopt@rocketdogrescue.org to meet her!