Labrador, Pit Bull


Senior (7+ years)


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This sweetie is the most inquisitive, curious, intelligent dog I’ve yet to meet!

She loves to be active and outside, and definitely needs to go somewhere with a backyard. She’s about eight years old, and is a mix of some kind (we think pit/lab). She is vibrant, active and acts waaaay more like a three-year-old. She knows sit, down, stay, come and is great on a leash–this sweetheart has impeccable manners! One of her favorite things to do is go to a spot where she has plenty of room to run (like the beach!) and just run! She also loves to fetch, chase lizards, and chew bones. And she loves to give you presents–like her balls and bones. Lilu is a fantastic dog. She gets along with most other dogs, but would absolutely love it if she were your only dog. Lilu would do great with an active couple who spent a lot of time outdoors, and who would make Lilu their top dog; she’d also love a family setting with older kids.

Lilu definitely needs a place with a yard–she’s way too big and great of a dog to live in the city without a backyard. She loves spending her alone time soaking up the sun and waiting for a lizard to show up. If you want to see this smart, sweet girl, contact Janet at