Meet Maizy! This beautiful little gal is a one year old Basenji/Pitty mix who was saved from the city shelter! Maizy is a tiny girl at only 27lbs. She has a slender little body like a Basenji and a cute terrier head.

This girl is loving, loyal and active.. She does well in the house but is always up for a run. She is so focused on her people, and is going to excel in training- She is very ball driven, and loves to play fetch. She will always bring back the ball. She does well with other dogs, and enjoys the company of her foster brother, a sweet male pitbull.  She does well in her foster home, and is crate trained & housebroken. Her bags will be packed and she’ll be waiting for her forever home! This is one girl you have to meet in person & you will be in love ♥

Please email to meet MAIZY!