Melany had a happy life and like many of us had her family broken up recently when her parents were divorcing.  Unfortunately for Melany, neither parent wanted to keep her and took her to their vet to be euthanized.  The vet took her in (since nothing was wrong with her!) and contacted Rocket Dog for help.

She is now safe, a little confused and underweight.  Melany is a 7 year old white chihuahua who is probably about 6lbs when she should be about 8-10 in a healthy state. She is sweet, pretty quiet and gets along with dogs although at this time she isn’t really playful. We are still learning about her and hope that she will come out of her shell soon.  She has done fine at our adoption events which can be a bit chaotic for any dog.  She stays removed from the commotion and likes hanging by her handler yet is calm and just a little reserved, which is totally understandable!

Melany would love a foster to care for her, give her some TLC, and extra love since she doesn’t know what just happened.  She only knows she’s not in her home of 7 years and will need some patience to adjust.

If you would like to foster or adopt Melany, please contact us at to meet her.