This is Millie, a smart, eager to please 3 year old who loves people. She is a retriever/ pit mix, maybe? Millie’s favorite thing to do is play fetch, but she also loves to hang out and play. Her last home included a teenager and a 9 year old, who she loved playing with. Millie has been well-trained- she knows her basic commands, including heel, and walks on a leash properly. Millie’s only issue is other dogs- she is not their friend. Millie’s home needs to be one where she is the only dog, somewhere outside the city, with a nice sized backyard, so she can play all day long, or hang out while you barbecue, garden, or sunbathe. Millie’s needs are minimal- food, water, shelter, and lots of love. With proper training, which Millie has had, and you would be provided with, Millie can walk down the street while on leash, however, off-leash around other dogs isn’t possible- this girl just isn’t into dogs. Her new home will have to be vigilant about keeping her away from other dogs, but she will more than reward you with her eternal devotion and plenty of kisses. Millie loves people, and as playful and well-behaved as she is in the house, we know she’ll find a home that will appreciate her. Millie also loves exercise, so she’d be the ultimate running buddy if there’s a runner out there looking for a loyal canine. Millie is housebroken, up to date on all of her shots, spayed, and would be the perfect dog for a family, couple, or even one person looking for the perfect companion. Millie is hanging out in Petaluma, for more information, contact