“Milo” is a young dog.. one and a half year old border collie mix…He was adopted out last year, but sadly his people dont have enough time for Milo anymore. The shelter he came from was brimming with dogs and he is extremely lucky to have made the cut and made it here, much more than 90 percent are euthanized due to lack of space, and his number was up the next day when Rocket Dog saw him on the rescue list. Milo is an active, loyal and loving boy. he is housebroken, and does well with kids and everyone he meets.

He’s a lovable, likeable family dog, and has been getting along very well in my home with my 2 other dogs. He’s highly trainable, very smart, and eager to please.  He has the bearing and smarts of a border collie; but resembles a miniature great dane if there ever was such a thing. He’s an energetic boy (as collie’s are) so would do best in an active home! He’s lanky but agile, becoming more confident by the day as his star rises.

Nuetered, up to date on shots and microchipped.

Please email to meet him!