Pit Bull


Adult (18 months – 7 years)




Medium (25 – 60 lbs)
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First, thanks for considering Paul, I’m definitely his biggest fan. He’s kind of unique case for Rocket Dog as he did not come to us from a shelter. Paul is perhaps six years old and has lived for most of those years in my neighbor’s back yard; the pet of a young girl living with her elderly grandmother. Sadly, the grandmother is frail so Paul could not come indoors for fear that he might knock her over. He was cared for primarily by the preteen granddaughter and her 7-year-old cousin, with my frequent help. Recently, another relative moved in to help care for grandma, and with her came a second dog, a fairly aggressive female. Essentially, in the past few months Paul was being bullied, and increasingly ignored by his now teenaged person. Knowing my long history with Rocket Dog Rescue, the family asked if I could help them find a new place for Paul; they do love him and they wisely realized that he deserved a better life.

That is about all I know of Paul’s past; currently he is in in boarding as we look for a place for him. I’d be fostering him in my own home (or for that matter, keep him) but for the fact that I have a dog-aggressive dog, and there might be no peace. Paul is a real people-centric dog, not so interested in other dogs. He’s not outwardly aggressive to other dogs, he just has no interest. At adoption events, where he meets tons of other dogs and people, he ignores other dogs, but does his best to charm the humans; and he really responds to kids, having been raised by them. They taught him “sit” and to shake hands. Too cute!

What I love about Paul is that he truly has a great spirit and energy; he’s so loving, appreciative, and loyal; he really wants to please. All he wants in the world is your attention. He seems quite bright and willing to learn a routine. Having been in boarding these last few weeks, I already see a huge difference.

Paul needs a place where he gets tons of love, but also plenty of exercise and some boundaries. He need to work on some basic skills. He is fairly high energy and athletic, but being middle-aged (6 or 7 I think) he does not need to be active all day. He will be an excellent companion!

If you are interested, I’d be happy to talk to you about Paul, or arrange a meeting. Email!