Here is part of her first memory of Rocket and how far he has come in the past two months:
Rocket was in the back kennel rolled up in a ball when I first saw him at the Delano Shelter. He was so skinny and just so scared, just afraid that you might want to hurt him. He finally would take food from my hand and go up on the stairs to get on my bed. He now knows how to use the doggie door.

Rocket continues to make progress every day but his new adopter will still need to have patience with him.  Like many “tea-cup” dogs, they often tire easily and may prefer to be indoors, preferably in your lap! He is fully vaccinated, neutered and heart-worm tested.  He is about 9 mos old, 5 lbs, and sweet!


Small children may be too active for Rocket, but he does enjoy people and some other dogs….


If you would like to meet Rocket, please complete and submit an adoption questionairre (found online and email it back to  A volunteer will contact you shortly.